Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thank You

Somehow, I should thank Allah to gave me such a wonderful life.
A beautiful smile form friends- happiness and sadness shared. and the continuous moral support from them is the most needed and the most precious. Thank you kawan-kawan.

Last time I prayed to have a good job,
Today, I am employed.

Last time I prayed Allah to ease my hardship,
Today, Alhamdulillah. I feel very comfort.

Fresh air, peaceful place, nice people..
everything is perfectly created by Him..

May Allah keep my heart firm on Islam..
May Allah keep my family on the way of islam..

friends, even some of us really feel this world is such a boring place to stay..
With the unstop-able problem coming everyday..
please believe that Allah is always with us.
He is watching us.
Non of us is excepted.

live your life.
have a wonderful smile
believe that there is no gain if there is no pain.- unless for the lucky one
and I always believe that I am always lucky even I am not. hehe ;)
lalala enjoy your life ahead.
may Allah bless